Our manufacturing capabilities


At JDY, we operate two full-scale sheet metal fabrication production lines, focusing primarily on Parcel Boxes and Clothing Recycling Bins, as well as certain other sheet metal manufacturing tasks. We specialize in offering prototype design and small-batch production services. We take pride in being the preferred manufacturer for Parcel Boxes and Clothing Recycling Bins.

Parcel Box Clothing Recycling Bins Numbers Sheet Metal Fabrication
Floor Standing/Wall Mounted/Built in wall Rivet Joint Version 316 Stainless Steel/Galvanized Steel Laser cutting/bending/post-processing
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JDY - consistent quality, every time




Lightning Speed Premium Quality Products For You Lower Your Risk
√ 12hours × 6 days Customer Service √ 5-times in-house quality inspection √ Pre-production sample
√ 7-10 days for sample order √ 1 year after-sale service √ Third-party inspection
√ 3 weeks for mass production √ defective rate below 1% √ Signing of confidentiality agreements
  √ money refund incase of bad quality  
Experienced Team   Completely Customized Service
√ 2 complete production lines Trusted By Brands Worldwide √ Design your own parcel box
√ 10+ years working age engineers √ Focus on North America, Europe, Oceania, and √ Own spraying line to reduce your costs
√ 100+ design models  emerging Middle East markets  


During the process of placing an order in the ERP system, automated processing and management of orders can be achieved.
1.ERP System
Good cutting quality: Laser cutting produces smooth and burr-free cuts, resulting in higher cutting quality.
Good repeatability: Automated bending enables batch production, ensuring consistency and stability of parts.
We have our own powder coating line and utilize special powder coating techniques, allowing us to have control over the quality.
4.Powder Coated
Function test, waterproof test, rustproof test, drop box test
5.Product Testing


JDY is the leading manufacturer of parcel delivery boxes and sheet metal fabrication. Our parcel boxes set the standard worldwide for design and manufacture. We are first for innovation, quality and service.


Our engineering team is energetic and full of passion.They are highly skilled and not only offer professional design services, but can also provide expert advice, and have extensive experience in adding value to our customer's businesses. They offer the ultimate solution for products and projects. 


JDY exports products all over the world. We have earned a high reputation for not only developing top quality products, but for being responsive, easy to work with. Contact us today.

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